About Neighborhood Planning Units

Quoting from Wikipedia:
Atlanta has had a Neighborhood Planning Unit System since 1974. There are 25 NPUs, lettered from A to Z, except U. Each NPU represents the citizens in a specified geographic area. Each NPU meets once a month to review applications for rezoning properties, varying existing zoning ordinances for certain properties, applications for liquor licenses, applications for festivals and parades, any changes to fees charged by the City, any changes to the City's Comprehensive Development Plan, and any amendments to the City's Zoning Ordinances. Once an NPU has voted on an item, that vote is then submitted to the relevant body which makes the ultimate determination with regard to that issue as the official view of the community on a topic.

About NPU-S


NPU-S is located in southwest Atlanta, just north of the city of East Point. It is surrounded by NPUs R and I to the west, NPU-T to the north, and NPU-V and NPU-X to the east.

Neighborhoods and Neighborhood Organizations

NPU-S consists of five neighborhoods: Bush Mountain, Cascade Avenue/Road, Fort McPherson, Oakland City, and Venetian Hills. It has many neighborhood associations:

  • Ashmel Estates
  • Belmonte Hills Homeowners Association
  • Neighbors Helping Neighbors/Willowbrook Estates
  • Bush Mt. Community Organization
  • Oakland City Community Organization
  • Cascade Avenue Neighborhood Organization
  • Richland Hills Community Club
  • Eastridge Neighborhood Watch Community
  • Ferstwood Community Club
  • Lorenzo Drive Block Association
  • Westridge Sandtown Community Organization of Venetian Hills (blog here)
  • Westmont Estate Community Organization
  • Kenilworth Improvement Association (KIA)

NPU-S Meetings

NPU-S meets the third Thursday of every month
at The VICARS, 838 Cascade Ave. SW, Atlanta, GA 30310 (map).

Voting requirements

To vote at a NPU-S meeting:
  • At all meetings, each member of the NPU whose primary place of residence is within the NPU shall have one vote.
  • At all meetings, any person who operates or represents a corporation, organization, institution, or agency which operates or owns property or has a place of business or profession within NPU-S may designate one person as its voting representative. Such a designated representative shall have one vote.
  • No person shall have more than one vote.
  • Members must attend three meetings within the prior 12 months in order to be eligible to vote. 
  • All actions of NPU-S shall be by majority vote of those present. Proxies will not be accepted.

Receive information on

  • Updates on the sale of Fort McPherson and other developments
  • Atlanta Police Department and its CRIME prevention efforts
  • Atlanta Fire & Rescue’s safety and security programs
  • Other City government departments who work with NPUs
  • Licenses and Permits Review Board Process
  • State and Fulton County Government services
  • Atlanta zoning & code enforcement matters
  • How NPUs and Local Neighborhood Organizations are working together to build better neighborhoods
  • Come talk to City, State & County Officials

We need all CONCERNED CITIZENS who are COMMITTED to making a POSITIVE CHANGE in our community.  Let’s join together and CONNECT.  Let’s make our EFFORTS effective and LONG LASTING.
See You at our next General Body Meeting 
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All attendees will be added to NPU S email database to receive info on issues affecting our neighborhoods.
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