February meeting item: Zoning "Quick Fixes" (Z-17-93)

This particular issue has been with us since November, but we didn't have a General Meeting in December, and January was canceled because of the weather. That brings us to the upcoming February meeting, where we get to vote on Z-17-9, "Zoning Ordinance Quick Fixes Phase 1.

Despite the name, the "Quick Fixes" proposal is very large - 14 separate changes put together in a single omnibus. The overall intent is to apply a group of easy-to-execute "patches" in the existing zoning code to bring the code more in line with the Comprehensive Development Plan. Many of the items won't affect NPU-S, but since it's a citywide ordinance change, we get to vote on it.

If we attempt to debate this ordinance in its point-by-point at the meeting, the meeting will run over. I therefore strongly encourage everyone to look over the ordinance, which is linked below. 
Here are the topics:
  1.  Accessory structure height
  2.  Accessory structure size
  3.  Accessory uses in Residential (R) Districts
  4.  Bike parking standards
  5.  Deletion of unused districts
  6.  Independent driveways
  7.  Multi-Family / Residential General (MR/RG) single and two family minimum lot sizes
  8.  Mixed Residential Commercial (MRC) building placement
  9.  Unified development plans
  10.  Non-conforming minimum fa├žade heights
  11.  Special Use Permit (SUP) transfers
  12.  Sidewalk requirements
  13.  Storage pods in R districts
  14.  Non-conforming plats
If you have any questions or concerns about the ordinance, you can send an email to the chair (chair@npu-s.org) or the Land Use team, which covers zoning (land@npu-s.org).

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