NPU-S meeting this Thursday, June 21, 7pm, at VICARS

Once again, it's time for our monthly meeting, scheduled as always for the third Thursday of each month. This month the third Thursday is the 21st, the latest possible day of the month.

It's a busy meeting this month!  We'll start with a brand-new regular item, the Featured House of Worship. This is an opportunity for members of our local faith community to introduce themselves, and talk about their work in the community at large. Our first FHoW guest is our own Pastor Michael Smith from the Community Church of God.  The Community Church of God are our hosts at VICARS, so it wasn't exactly a difficult call to make. If you know of a local faith group in our community, drop us a line - we hope to have a different guest each month!

Our Fulton County Commissioner, Natalie Hall, will be in attendance, bringing with her representatives from the Youth Services and Cooperative Extension departments. Furthermore, the Office of Film and Entertainment will be introducing themselves, hopefully beginning of a regular process of notifying us of upcoming filming.

Also - Georgia Power's newest Area Manager, Larry Vincent, is coming to introduce himself to the community, and there will be another presentation to go over the Zoning Ordinance Update Phase II.

We have two voting issues and one item for review. For voting, we have a liquor license application (Mini Mart Express, 1975 Campbellton) and a zoning ordinance (Z-18-54, microbreweries), and for review we have a city ordinance (18-O-1299, fee changes).

When: Thursday, June 21, 2018, 7pm-9pm
Where: VICARS, 838 Cascade Rd SW

See you there!

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