Summer Book Club for Upcoming MARTA Bus Network Redesign

From the MARTA Army:
MARTA is embarking on a Bus Network Redesign that could thoroughly change the shape and feel of our city's bus network. Riders could have more reliable and frequent buses, easier transfers, and be able to go to more places more quickly. Tradeoffs would be that some bus stops and even entire routes are removed in order to free up resources (buses and drivers) to improve the rest of the network. This process cannot happen without engagement from transit supporters.

MARTA Army and several of our partner organizations are conducting a book club of Human Transit. A book written by Jarrett Walker, whose firm is leading this effort with MARTA, on how transit can be an integral and sustainable part of society. The goal of the book club is to engage transit supporters and develop within them the confidence to articulate what they want and need out of the system. Anyone who wants to participate can sign up here:

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