Resignation from the Position of Chairperson

Dear NPU Executive Committee and General Body,

I hope this message finds you well. As I pen down these words, it is with a heart full of gratitude and a touch of bittersweet sentiment that I must convey my decision to resign from my position as Chairperson, effective immediately.

Being elected as Chairperson by our esteemed neighbors and cherished community members has been one of the highest honors of my life. This role has not only allowed me to serve our community but has also enriched my life in countless ways, fostering a deep sense of belonging and purpose.

However, with a heavy heart, I must acknowledge that my journey has taken a new direction. I have recently accepted a job opportunity that, while exciting, demands my full attention and commitment. It is a decision I do not make lightly, but one that necessitates my stepping down from a role that requires unwavering dedication—a dedication the NPU richly deserves.

In light of my departure, I am pleased to announce that our Vice Chairperson, Quadrus Black, will step in as the acting Chair of the organization. I have every confidence in Quadrus's ability to lead with the same passion and commitment that has always been the hallmark of our community.

For nearly a decade, I have had the privilege of being deeply involved in our community's growth and well-being. My commitment to our shared goals and dreams remains unshaken. Though my role may change, my dedication does not waver. I look forward to continuing my involvement and support as a member of the general body, contributing in whatever capacity I can.

I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to each of you for the trust you have placed in me over the years. Your support and camaraderie have been the wind beneath my wings, propelling me forward and enriching my tenure with joy and fulfillment. As I take this next step, I do so with the hope that our paths will continue to cross and that our collective efforts will keep our community thriving.

Thank you once again for the opportunity to serve. It has been a profound honor, and I carry forward the lessons and memories of this experience with deep appreciation.

With warmest regards and heartfelt thanks,

Kyle Lamont

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