Senior Lawncare Service Meeting TOMORROW, 3/27, 7pm

Greetings! This is a message from Nick Hess, chair of the Assistant Services Committee and the administrator of the Senior Lawncare Service.  This program, which provides free lawn care for our senior residents, has become a bit of a victim of its own popularity.

Last year, we exhausted our funding in two and half months, running out in June. Since the goal of the program is to prevent our seniors from exerting themselves outdoors in our brutal summer months, we're now going over strategies to stretch out our funding so that it covers through at least September. Nobody wants to trim such a useful program! But if we can't cover June through September we put some of our most vulnerable neighbors at risk. 

I'm inviting citizens of NPU-S, especially our seniors, to attend this meeting so we can develop an approach that is satisfactory to everyone involved. In my years as Chair, I was always impressed by the level of creativity and thoughtfulness that our NPU has shown on some of our trickiest issues. I'm positive that, working together, we can solve this one.

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