Senior Citizen Anti-Displacement Grant Available – Please Share!

Dear Neighborhood Leaders,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out on behalf of the Mayor's Office of Constituent Services to inform you about an important opportunity for our senior residents: the Senior Citizen Anti Displacement Grant. This grant is designed to provide financial assistance with property taxes for senior citizens that may be facing the risk of displacement from their homes. We recognize you're the vital role you play in our community and are requesting your help in spreading the word about this grant to ensure it reaches those who need it most.

Key Details about the Senior Citizen Displacement Grant
Purpose: to prevent displacement of senior citizens from their homes.
Eligibility: Seniors aged 65+, own and occupy a home in the City of Atlanta, and are delinquent on their property taxes
Application Period: (March 2024-July 2024)

How You Can Help
Share information: Please distribute this information to the senior citizens in your neighborhood. This can be done through community meetings, newsletters, social media, or any other communication channels you have.
Encourage Applications: Urge eligible seniors to apply for this grant. Your encouragement and assistance could make a significant difference in their lives.

Please review the FLYER and APPLICATION with more detailed information about the grant. Additionally, more resources are available on our website at Senior Citizen Anti-Displacement Grant | Atlanta, GA ( , or seniors can call our office directly at 404.330.6026 for assistance.

Your cooperation and support are crucial in ensuring that our senior residents are aware of and can benefit from this grant. Thank you for your continued dedication to our community.

Best Regards,

Nadia Bradford
Data and Performance Analyst
Mayor's Office of Constituent Services
Mayor Andre Dickens | City of Atlanta
55 Trinity Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30303
(404).546.0714 (office)

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