Z-21-73 MR-MU Proactive Rezoning - UPDATE

From Councilmember Amir Farokhi and City Planning Commissioner Tim Keane:

Atlanta Neighborhood Planning Units –

Over the last two months, our teams have met with NPUs, neighborhood organizations, and individual residents in to listen to feedback and continue to improve the text amendment paper 21-O-0456 (Z-21-74), proactive rezoning paper 21-O-0454 (Z-21-73) and accompanying land use amendment 21-O-0455 (CDP-21-43). We have made amendments to all three papers in response to feedback received in August that we believe addresses many of the initial concerns and have resulted in improved ordinances. We have continued to receive feedback throughout September about these new changes and working on a few additional revisions to the papers before they go before NPUs in October for a vote.

In addition to feedback, we've received about ways to improve the content of the papers, we've also received a good deal of feedback related to the timing of the vote. The majority of this feedback has been in relation to the proactive rezoning paper (and the accompanying land use amendment). With this in mind, we have decided to delay the October NPU vote on ordinances Z-21-73 (proactive rezoning) and CDP-21-43 (land use amendment). We want to allow for additional time to work through specific elements of the proposed proactive rezoning with individual neighborhoods before moving forward with a vote on the proactive rezoning paper. Our goal has always been to find a path forward together with neighborhoods that will allow for a subtle increase in density and affordability near MARTA stations and we want to allow for more time to working through this with neighborhoods. Our teams will hold neighborhood meetings with each neighborhood in the ½ mile walkshed of MARTA stations over the coming weeks and months to discuss the proactive rezoning and work with neighborhoods on how to best move this work forward in their communities.

The text amendment paper Z-21-74 will stay on the October NPU agenda for a vote. This paper proposes changes to three main elements of Atlanta's zoning code: removal of residential parking requirements, updates to MR-MU zoning district regulations, and increased flexibility for accessory dwelling units. The goal of these text amendments is to improve the City of Atlanta's zoning code to allow for a much needed increase in housing supply and more moderately priced housing typology. We believe these changes have the potential to make Atlanta more inclusive and affordable city while still maintaining core elements of our city's physical character and identity. The City Planning team be at every NPU again in October to present on the contents of this ordinance and answer any final questions you have before your NPU vote.

Thank you all for the time and thoughtful engagement that you, and many others in your neighborhoods, have given to this conversation and for your continual dedication to improving the City of Atlanta.

APAB Community Clean-Up & Outreach - Saturday @ 10

 From the Atlanta Planning Advisory Board and MLK Merchant Association:

  • Staging area - Walmart Parking Lot @ 835 MLK
  • 10 am, Saturday September 25
  • For more info and to sign up visit SafeAtlanta.org

Land Use Meeting occurring *this* Friday, Sep 24, 6:30 pm

This is a makeup for this month's previously postponed meeting. The "Proactive Rezoning" proposals will be discussed at this meeting.

Connection info:
This committee makes recommendations to the NPU about:
  • all matters related to the development of residential, commercial, and other large-scale development projects;
  • all matters related to zoning, economic development, business expansion and retention, and urban design;
  • all matters related to traffic and transportation planning;
  • and all matters related to enforcement of City Codes.
Karen Babino, Chair: land@npu-s.org.

Water service interruption Thursday 9/23 at Beecher / Gaston / Westboro / Rochelle

From the Department of Water Management:
Please be mindful that water service will be interrupted and will affect residence in [NPU S] on this coming Thursday September 23, 2021.The impacted streets include Beecher Street SW, Gaston Street SW, Westboro Drive SW and Rochelle Drive SW. 

For more information, contact Jamal Jackson at jjackson@lewiscontractingservices.com

NPU-S Calendar of Events: Sep 20 - Sep 26

Coming up this week on the NPU-S calendar!

NPU-S Events:

  • Mon-Fri. No Yard Trimmings Collected. Due to staffing shortages, yard trimmings will be collected every other week until further notice. This week, yard trimmings WILL NOT be collected.

    Trash and recycling are collected weekly as usual.
  • Thu Sep 23, 7:00pm. Cascade Ave Neighborhood Organization (CANO) (Online). Join Zoom Meeting
    Meeting ID: 979 8722 6201
    Call In 312-626-6799, access code, 97987226201#

External events
Events held around, nearby, or affecting NPU S.:

  • Mon Sep 20, 2:00pm. Rental Awareness Webinar. Urban League weekly webinar on tenancy responsibilities and obligations. HUD-certified counselors and financial coaches are on staff to provides comprehensive counseling services. Know your rights and options! Register at https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Q1HuJTSAQ8OcintiyH6tpA

Public Hearings
City, County, State and other public meetings:

If you have any local events that you'd like to see on the NPU-S calendar, please send email to events@npu-s.org.Please be sure to include the date, time, and location of your event!

Trees Atlanta is hiring!


From Trees Atlanta:


Become a part of our team

Trees Atlanta protects and improves Atlanta’s urban forest by planting, conserving, and educating.

Trees Atlanta is looking to hire individuals with a passion for trees who want to positively impact environmental changes in the community. If you have a"can do" attitude, Trees Atlanta might be the perfect place to plant yourself!

Apply at www.treesatlanta.org/careers

NPU-S General Meeting Improvements

We need to streamline the NPU-S General Meeting! Our previous two meetings both lasted three hours, which is clearly too long.

However, the biggest reason for the length of these meetings was that many community members had questions and comments for our speakers.  We don't want to cut people off without them having the chance to connect with the City - but we have official business that must be attended to.

Therefore, we're going to try a few changes that should hopefully allow us to get our official business done while still allowing a robust interaction between the community and the City.

First, we're going to reorder the agenda a bit. Currently, the agenda is:

  • Housekeeping (approval of agenda, minutes, etc)
  • City Department Reports
  • Elected Officials
  • Neighborhood Organization Reports
  • Committee Reports
  • Planner's Report
  • Voting Items
  • Presentations
  • Old Business / New Business / Announcements
We're going to move the committee and neighborhood organization reports towards the bottom of the agenda:

  • Housekeeping (approval of agenda, minutes, etc)
  • City Department Reports
  • Elected Officials
  • Planner's Report
  • Voting Items
  • Presentations
  • Committee Reports
  • Neighborhood Organization Reports
  • Old Business / New Business / Announcements
This should front-load bigger ticket items and put community-scale discussions together towards the back.

Second, we're going to commit to holding our votes no later than 8:30. If it's 8:30 and we haven't yet gotten to the Voting Items section of the agenda, we will pause our current activity, hold our votes, and then resume where we were.  This way, even if the meeting stretches beyond its two hour limit, our official business will be done in a timely manner.

Third, we're going to engage our voting members before the meeting. The NPU bylaws mandate that voting members attend at least three of the last 12 meetings. Thus, we know who the voting members are because we take attendance records to track who can and cannot vote. We plan to send information on voting items to our voting members before the meeting, along with supporting documentation and contact information, so voting members can be fully informed before votes. Hopefully this should lead to not just quicker votes but better outcomes.

While it's not great that our meetings have gone into extra innings, it's a testament to our community's engagement that we've grown to this size. Hopefully these changes will help us strike a proper balance between informing the community and involving the community .

Thanks, and hope to see you there!