Senior Lawncare Program

NPU-S is pleased to open registration for the 2023 Senior Lawn Service.
The Senior Lawn Service provides free lawn care for senior and handicapped residents of NPU-S who have difficulty maintaining their yards or affording a paid service. 


This program is funded entirely by donations from friends of the NPU. 

Thank you all for your generosity!

2023 Donors:

  • Jason Dozier, Atlanta City Council District 4
  • Nicholas Hess
  • Kip Dunlap
  • Andrew Muldowney
  • Laurie Zolkosky
If you'd like to help, you can donate to our GoFundme, or contact us for other methods. 

About the program

Who Qualifies?

The Senior Lawn Service is open to all senior residents over 62, and handicapped residents. You must be a resident of NPU-S - that's the communities of Oakland City, Cascade, Venetian Hills, or Bush Mountain.

How Does it Work?

After you register, an NPU-S volunteer will call
 you to confirm your interest and gather any additional details. After that, you will receive a packet with coupons good for lawncare services and a directory of people who accept the coupons.  

To get your lawn mowed, pick a person from the directory and set up your appointment. Once they're done, give them your coupon - that's it! 

What Services Are Provided?

Different services are provided by different people, but in general we offer lawn mowing, hedge trimming, and leaf bagging. You can negotiate for additional services with your provider but the NPU will not pay for those services.

How Many Cuts Do I Get?

Depending on supply, you will receive two or three coupons per month. 

What If I Have a Complaint?

Call us! We'll try to make things right.

How Do I Apply?

You can register online below, or call us at (770) 744-5311 and leave us a message with a your number, and we'll get in touch and register you over the phone.

Can I Be A Mower? How Else Could I Help?

Absolutely! If you're interested in being a mower, please read the Mower Guide. We also can use volunteers to help coordinate the program, and monetary donations to keep the program going.

Online Registration

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