2018 Voting Information

Image taken from http://ourweekly.com/news/2018/jul/23/importance-vote-2018-gop-congressman-says-black-fo
Elections matter, and state and local elections matter more than many people realize. We encourage all eligible voters to vote in the upcoming 2018 elections, and to help, we've assembled registration and voting information at http://www.npu-s.org/p/your-voting-information.html There, you'll find information about how to check your registration, how to vote via absentee ballot, information about the candidates, and analysis of the various statewide referenda.

This information has been curated from various sources and is by no means comprehensive - if you have additional information to add, please get in touch with us and we'll keep it updated!


Jeff Elrod said...

Hey Nick! Looks like the link is broken?

Unknown said...

Fixed, thanks!