*Huge* Oct. NPU-S Meeting on Thursday - with Hawks tickets!

Greetings, NPU-S residents!

Normally, the announcement for the NPU-S General Meeting is pretty short and to the point, and we'll lead with "just the facts", but you'll want to read to the end of this announcement!

NPU-S General Meeting:

We have no fewer than seven voting items this month, four of them major - an the other three aren't exactly minor. In order of appearance, we have:
  • V-18-268 - a reduction of required parking spaces for 850 Cascade Ave (Community Church of God)
  • V-18-284 and V-18-285 - these two items are tied together, a reduction of required parking for adjacent lots at 1086 and 1100 Murphy.
  • Z-18-105 - this is the Tucker Ave. rezoning request by the Atlanta Land Trust, a proposal to turn an empty parcel of land into affordable housing in the Oakland City neighborhood.  This would normally be the biggest vote in the meeting, but then we have...
  • Z-18-52 and Z-18-53. The long, long awaited Fort McPherson rezoning. There have been many meetings, and many presentations, and now we've come to the vote. This splits the parts of Ft. Mac that was not purchased by Tyler Perry Studios into five zones, each with a different character, wrapping around Lee Street and Campbellton. Assuming all goes to plan, it's difficult to overstate the potential impact of this redevelopment on our NPU and the entire Southwest quadrant. Z-18-52 is the main course; Z-18-53 has to do with signage within the Ft. Mac area.
Astute readers will notice that we've only mentioned six items. The seventh:
  • Z-18-100. Zoning Ordinance Update Part II. Part I, "Quick Fixes", was a 14-part omnibus update; presumably, part II are not-as-quick fixes, shrunk down to a mere dozen parts. It's a biggie, and the City has been going over it for months, holding numerous special sessions across Atlanta to explain it.  We'll just list the provisions as given in the description:
    • Accessory Dwellings (Section 1 below); 
    • Definitions (Section 2 below); 
    • Uses in Industrial Districts (Section 3 below); 
    • Loading Requirements (Section 4 below); 
    • MRC Residential Density (Section 5 below); 
    • New Multi-Unit Housing Zoning District and Regulations (Section 6 below); 
    • Parking (Section 7 below); 
    • Neighborhood Design Standards (Section 8 below); 
    • Telecommunications (Section 9 below); 
    • Transitional Height Planes (Section 10 below); 
    • and Quality of Life Districts (Section 11 below);
    • to amend multiple sections of the Zoning Ordinance related to bicycle parking requirements so as to coordinate with certain cross references in Ordinance number 18-O-1023 (Z-17-93) and correct certain scrivener’s errors therein (Section 12)
    Zooming out: these are mostly more assorted fixes to make Atlanta less suburban and more urban: adding provisions to shrink parking and loading requirements that eat up real estate for cars, allowing accessory units and multiplex housing, and creating more mixed-use areas. Much of the grand vision can be seen at http://atlcitydesign.com/.
This will all be capped off with a drawing for a pair of tickets to the October 27th Hawks/Bulls game at the newly refurbished State Farm (formerly Philips) Arena!

Now, this last part may not be very popular, so please bear with us:

This is a very ambitious agenda; any one of the last three voting items could, by itself, eat up hours of Q&A and debate. In the interest of time, debate on voting items will be limited. None of the Z-18 items are being sprung on the community; they have been presented multiple times at NPU meetings, neighborhood association meetings, and elsewhere. All of this documentation is being provided to help those who may have missed previous presentations, but we will not be using the NPU time to explore the issues in depth for those that have missed it so far.

If you have questions or comments about any of this, feel free to email the Chair, Nick Hess, at chair@npu-s.org, or call (404) 890-0089. Alternately, you can reach out to Jordan Dowdy, the Planner assigned to NPU-S, at jdowdy@AtlantaGa.Gov or call (404) 546-6333.  They'll be happy to go into detail about any of the items.

If you've made it all the way to the end of this message, thank you. We're hoping for a good turnout and smooth sailing - see you there!

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