Monday 12/7 Community Meeting: Subdivision of Property at 1055 Westmont Rd, New Housing

On NPU-S's agenda for December is SD-20-18, a proposal to subdivide several large parcels into 13 separate lots. These new properties, zoned for single family residences, would be in the area between Orlando Place and Westmont Rd.  The proposed subdivision is highlighted in pink in the illustration.

Subdivisions are not subject to a vote by the NPU; they are for review and comment only. However, the developers have graciously agreed to meet with members of the community beforehand to give a presentation and discuss the project.

This meeting will be held on Monday, December 7, at 7pm, via Google Meet. 

The associated documents can be found in the NPU-S shared meeting drive, If you have any questions or concerns, you can email Nick Hess at or call at (404) 890 0089.

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