Z-21-73 MR-MU Proactive Rezoning - UPDATE

From Councilmember Amir Farokhi and City Planning Commissioner Tim Keane:

Atlanta Neighborhood Planning Units –

Over the last two months, our teams have met with NPUs, neighborhood organizations, and individual residents in to listen to feedback and continue to improve the text amendment paper 21-O-0456 (Z-21-74), proactive rezoning paper 21-O-0454 (Z-21-73) and accompanying land use amendment 21-O-0455 (CDP-21-43). We have made amendments to all three papers in response to feedback received in August that we believe addresses many of the initial concerns and have resulted in improved ordinances. We have continued to receive feedback throughout September about these new changes and working on a few additional revisions to the papers before they go before NPUs in October for a vote.

In addition to feedback, we've received about ways to improve the content of the papers, we've also received a good deal of feedback related to the timing of the vote. The majority of this feedback has been in relation to the proactive rezoning paper (and the accompanying land use amendment). With this in mind, we have decided to delay the October NPU vote on ordinances Z-21-73 (proactive rezoning) and CDP-21-43 (land use amendment). We want to allow for additional time to work through specific elements of the proposed proactive rezoning with individual neighborhoods before moving forward with a vote on the proactive rezoning paper. Our goal has always been to find a path forward together with neighborhoods that will allow for a subtle increase in density and affordability near MARTA stations and we want to allow for more time to working through this with neighborhoods. Our teams will hold neighborhood meetings with each neighborhood in the ½ mile walkshed of MARTA stations over the coming weeks and months to discuss the proactive rezoning and work with neighborhoods on how to best move this work forward in their communities.

The text amendment paper Z-21-74 will stay on the October NPU agenda for a vote. This paper proposes changes to three main elements of Atlanta's zoning code: removal of residential parking requirements, updates to MR-MU zoning district regulations, and increased flexibility for accessory dwelling units. The goal of these text amendments is to improve the City of Atlanta's zoning code to allow for a much needed increase in housing supply and more moderately priced housing typology. We believe these changes have the potential to make Atlanta more inclusive and affordable city while still maintaining core elements of our city's physical character and identity. The City Planning team be at every NPU again in October to present on the contents of this ordinance and answer any final questions you have before your NPU vote.

Thank you all for the time and thoughtful engagement that you, and many others in your neighborhoods, have given to this conversation and for your continual dedication to improving the City of Atlanta.

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