Connect Atlanta Expands the Success of the Operation Shield Network

From the Atlanta Police Foundation:

Connect Atlanta Expands the Success of the Operation Shield Network
Over the past 10 years, APF and APD have worked aggressively to build the Operation Shield Camera Network. This robust effort includes public and private sector cameras integrated into one seamless surveillance network, supervised by APD at the Real Time Crime Center. These state of the art "blue light" public cameras as well as the proprietary privately owned cameras are invaluable to APD's crime fighting efforts. 
We are happy to announce the early success of our newest addition to the Operation Shield network, Connect Atlanta. This new technology, powered by Fusus, magnifies the breadth and reach of our surveillance system and makes extending it easy and affordable.
Connect Atlanta's expanded capabilities include:
  • Enabling APD officers to have real time control of cameras via smart phones and laptops for immediate situational awareness and investigations
  • Creating a one-stop shop for gathering evidence through software that ingests map technology, traffic, weather, and license plate reader information
  • Artificial intelligence that allows key words to be used for search criteria, dramatically reducing search efforts for footage
  • Seamless integration with private sector cameras of all types, enabling integration of previously incompatible camera and software operating systems, saving considerable monies and time from the City, APF and private sector
  • Two options to participate:
  • Residents can register their home cameras so that APD can request footage should an incident occur in their neighborhood
  • Businesses can fully integrate their cameras so that APD can see and respond to incidents in real time.
Connect Atlanta's impact has already made a difference in deterring and solving crime:
  • More than 5000 residents have registered nearly 10,000 cameras since the system became operable earlier this year.
  • Several high profile crimes have been solved as a result of input from cameras newly integrated into this system, including the recent Midtown shooting, the Midtown swastika graffiti, as well as helping police safely locate a missing person with dementia
  • APD hopes to integrate up to 20,000 private sector, residential and public sector cameras by Q1 2024
We encourage you and your neighbors to participate in the program by registering and integrating your cameras at the link below.
Please click here to email Danny Zayas with any questions regarding this critically important initiative.  

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