APS Surveys

A message from Atlanta Public Schools:
Dear APS Families,

We understand that life is hectic, and your time is valuable. Yet, we also recognize the significance of your involvement in decisions that directly impact your child's education.

At APS, we are committed to creating an educational environment that meets the needs and expectations of our diverse community. To achieve this, we need your input on several crucial matters. We acknowledge that surveys can sometimes feel overwhelming, but please bear with us - your perspective is invaluable.

Here are the surveys we kindly ask you to complete at your earliest convenience:

1. Student Calendars for School Years 2025-2026, SY 2026-2027, and SY 2027-2028 (Survey closes Dec.5 th , 2023)

Share your priorities regarding the student calendar.

Survey Link

2. Superintendent Search Survey

Contribute to developing the profile of the next superintendent.

Survey Link

3. Annual Family Engagement Feedback (Survey closes Dec. 8 th, 2023)

Let us know what is and isn't working with your school's family engagement efforts.

Survey Link

4. Amp Up APS! Districtwide Equity Student Survey (Survey closes Nov. 30, 2023)

If you have a 4 th-12 th grade student, please encourage them to share their unique perspective and help shape the district's efforts to advance equity for all.

Students can access the survey by entering their Network ID in MyBackPack.

We understand that it may seem like a lot of surveys, but each one plays a crucial role in enhancing the educational experience for all students. Your insights guide us in making informed decisions that positively impact the entire APS community.

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