Construction update - Atlanta BeltLine Westside Trail closure

Forwarded from Councilmember Dozier:
Work is underway to construct the access plaza to the Atlanta BeltLine Westside Trail across RDA in Westview.

As part of the construction, we need to install a storm sewer line that will cross the Westside Trail to connect to an existing structure. We don't see a practical way to keep the trail open during this activity, so we have devised a plan to close the trail from the KIPP Academy access point to the Cascade Road Kroger Center access ramp for a duration of two (2) weeks to complete the installation. We would like to close this section of trail from December 11 to December 22.

Fortunately, we have a ready-made detour from Lucile Avenue to Muse Street in the West End Trail as it runs along Muse parallel with the Westside Trail up to Cascade Road. There are multiple crosswalk options for walkers or bicyclists to cross over Cascade to the ramp that leads back down to the Westside Trail from the Kroger Center (see below).

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