Testing Phase of New City Service 311

Please call 404-546-0311 and then send your feedback to
City Representative Stephanie Ramage on this new service.
Read her message below for details on the service.

Ms. Robbie Hunter
NPU-S Chair
 Dear Citizens,

 As you may have heard, the City of Atlanta has launched the
  operational testing phase of its 311 service and we need
  citizens to give it a try and report back to me regarding
  how well you think the customer service rep handled the call
  and if your question was answered to your

  If you would note in your email to me the time and date of
  your call, your question, whether the answer you received
  was thorough and accurate, and about how long you were on
  the line, I would be most grateful. My email address is

  311 is a way to give citizens answers about any city service
  quickly and efficiently. You may ask a question about your
  water bill, flooding, parking, court fines, parks, traffic,
  code enforcement, street lights, garbage pick up, business
  licenses, permits--basically anything--or make a service
  request. You may be transferred to the city agency best able
  to help you.

  Due to technical issues that the city expects to have
  resolved in a couple of months, it is not possible to
  merely dial “311” just yet, however, if you need a
  question answered, you may dial
  404-546-0311 or you can program it into your cell phone as

  The website is also operational, and I really would
  appreciate as many citizens as possible giving it a
  try.  Any complaints about it, from navigation to
  usefulness of content, etc. are welcome!
  Click here:

  Please let me know what you think of the system in honest,
  straightforward terms. It's important that it provide
  accurate information in an efficient manner.

  Stephanie Ramage
  Citizens Advocate
  City of Atlanta

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