Transform Finance Atlanta Institute for Social Justice Leaders

The Guild and Transformation Alliance are excited to host the Transform Finance Atlanta Institute for Social Justice Leaders! The Institute exists to empower participants to understand, engage, challenge, and ultimately reclaim finance as a tool for social justice. The Institute is not a "Finance 101" boot camp or a fundraising brainstorm; instead, it provides an introductory framework for the intersection of social justice and finance, where actionable, place-based financial concepts are learned within the practical context of social justice efforts. The Institute may benefit individual organizations (i.e., earned revenue strategies), but its objective is not solely to improve nonprofit financial sustainability; instead, the Institute exists to further movements, where people work in concert (e.g., push for more affordable housing → imagine developing a community land trust). It is an opportunity for social justice practitioners to explore the role of capital in their work in a way accessible for those not familiar with and/or historically excluded from finance. Participants leave the Institute with:

  • An understanding of how finance intersects with their work
  • A sense of the national and local financial ecosystems
  • Several strategies (for example, earned revenue strategies, impact investments, and investor engagement are some potential topics we may cover) to explore further and integrate into their work. To localize the Institute to Atlanta's context, The Guild and the TransFormation Alliance are working closely with Transform Finance to identify which strategies would be best to cover at the Institute. We are currently in the process of designing this part of the agenda

Spots in the institute are limited, so learn more and apply by 5:00 PM EST December 21, 2018.

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