ATL 2.0 Focused Workshop #4 – GROWTH AREA ALTERNATIVES - April 20

Join us for Zoning Workshop #4: Conservation Area Alternatives on Thursday, April 20th, 2023. This Hybrid Meeting will be held in-person at 2800 Campbellton Road SW, Atlanta, GA 30311. Register to participate in In-Person online at or register and attend virtually on Zoom or YouTube. The featured presentation will begin at 6:30 p.m. 

This workshop will focus on potential standards for Atlanta City Design Conservation Areas – the usually low-rise, tree-covered rural, suburban, and urban neighborhoods that make up much of the city. Diverse concepts will be presented, ranging from how to better protect existing neighborhood character, to how to accommodate varying amounts of intentional change. All concepts will be discussed in a general sense; the application of new concepts to specific locations should only occur after the new Zoning Ordinance is adopted and when supported by the parallel update to the City's Comprehensive Development Plan. 

This is a Citywide conversation, and all Atlanta stakeholders are encouraged to participate. In this meeting we will review content from the previous workshop; narrow down the potential direction for the growth area zoning; and provide more information on how zone string could work. Each Zoning Workshop is designed to build upon information from the last workshop. The Zoning 2.0 series is designed to explore new zoning approaches and alternatives that were identified in the 2016 Zoning Ordinance Diagnostic Report.  


The best way to participate is with your closest neighbor. Forward screenshot and share this message with someone else. Register today at  

Stay in touch and email with your questions and comments. 

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