City of Atlanta Solid Waste Rate Adjustment Legislation (24-O-1214)

Greetings NPU-S,

There is new legislation related to The City of Atlanta's Department of Public Works. The purpose of this legislation is to implement adjustments in the solid waste service fees and charges to maintain strong infrastructure, to meet the demands of the City's services area, and to remain financially sustainable. 

Use these links to read the PUBLIC NOTICE and the LEGISLATION that is set to take effect July 1, 2024.

Please see below the contact information of the City of Atlanta's Department of Public Works Management Team, to assist in responding to all inquiries, requests for informational presentations and meetings, etc., regarding the above-mentioned matter.

Department of Public Works Management Team:

Melissa M. Davis
Sr. Director, Administration & Finance
(404) 330-6578 (O)/(470)698-5446 (C)

Keith Robinson
Deputy Commissioner
(470) 279-2668 (C)

Kentorri C. Garmon
Commissioner (Interim)
(470) 426-3310 (C)
(Interim Commissioner's Executive Assistant: Mrs. Constance Harris)
(404) 967-6641(C)/(404) 330-6215 (O)

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