A Conversation with New Zone 4 Command - Jan 26, 8:30am

From the West End Merchant's Coalition:
Major Clay's 2023 4-Point Plan and Your Concerns
Thursday, January 26, 8:30 am
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     Major Antonio B. Clay II
    Zone 4 Commander

            Captain Thomas Atzert

                Zone 4 Commander
WEMC invites you to a conversation with Major Clay and Captain Atzert, both recently promoted to these positions after the retirement of Major Jackson in December.

While in the position as Zone 4 Captain, many of you have experienced Major Clay's outgoing, effervescent personality and are familiar with his desire to stay connected to the community. His attitude about police presence and partnerships is reflected in the following 4 goals he intends to implement in 2023.
  • Relationship Building – one on one "Knock N' Talk" visits with businesses and residents.
  • Zone 4 Newsletter Publication – a communication tool to immediately get information and facts to the community.
  • Citizens Advisory Team – an additional channel of community communication designed to listen, interact, and receive direct feedback.
  • 100 PAD Referrals in 2023 – partnering with PAD (Policing Alternatives & Diversion) to address our homeless citizens with collaborative action and follow-up. (implementing a concentrated effort on the top 5 hard core cases).
Clay's action plan is to ensure that persons and activities on the wrong side of the law will no longer find it easy to visit or remain in areas they now occupy because it is an easy and comfortable environment.

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