Faith Community Listening Sessions on Homelessness

Faith-Based Listening Sessions on Homelessness

Register for the Faith Community's Listening Sessions on Homelessness

Partners for HOME is conducting listening sessions with the faith community regarding homelessness in the City of Atlanta. These listening sessions are part of a larger effort to engage with members of the community to understand the successes and challenges regarding homelessness and housing throughout the City.

The feedback gathered in these sessions will be combined with feedback from other sessions with the business community, local government, and citizens in general to help create the next five year strategic plan for ending homelessness in the City of Atlanta.

We will be hosting five listening sessions for the faith community in five sectors of the city. Feel free to attend one or multiple sessions! Use the links below to register for the other sessions.

Thank you in advance to our wonderful hosts for lending us their space to hold these vital conversations.

Register for One of the Sessions

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