Delay of face-to-face instruction in Atlanta Public Schools

 From Aretta Baldon, Atlanta Board of Education, District 2:

Today, our superintendent, Dr. Lisa Herring, announced that Atlanta Public Schools will delay its return to face-to-face instruction due to an unfavorable trend in COVID-19 cases in our community and in consultation with public health officials and healthcare experts. That means the district will postpone all reopening plans for in-person learning until January 2021.

Dr. Herring shared this decision in her blog and her weekly address The Week (, both of which provide more details about the decision and ongoing plans for Atlanta Public Schools.

In addition, Dr. Herring will proceed with our practice of monthly health data checkpoints and present the next update at the November 2 Board meeting. The superintendent and her team will also continue to explore ways to support our most vulnerable learners, particularly our low-incidence special needs population and our youngest students, including their potential return to some in-person services prior to January 2021.

The difficulties and uncertainties created by the COVID-19 pandemic require us as a school community to be prepared for different teaching and learning scenarios. I assure you that the APS mission to give EVERY child a quality education has not changed. APS and our schools need your support and engagement now more than ever.

As Dr. Herring herself says to the community in her blog and video, we all look forward to the day when we can welcome all of our students back into our buildings safely, embrace them, and teach them face to face.

Thanks for your ongoing support. Please message me with any questions or further concerns.

Ms. Baldon can be reached via email at

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