Participation beyond elections, from the Center for Civic Innovation

From the Center for Civic Innovation:

When people are engaged, cities make better decisions. Take this survey on community engagement in Atlanta.

Today, we’re launching a citywide survey to better understand how Atlanta residents engage in their community now and how they want to engage in the future. We will use this information to guide short- and long-term recommendations on how we can all strengthen civic participation in our city.

Please take the survey and share it with your neighbors and networks at

For the survey to be truly reflective of Atlanta, we need your help in getting it in front of as many different people as possible. Take the survey here:

We believe that community engagement is at the center of solving inequality in Atlanta. Much of our inequality was intentionally designed so it will require intentional design to correct it. Community engagement isn't just a checkbox — it’s an ongoing, trust-building process that brings the needs and voices of residents into decision-making processes.

With so much attention on the national election, it's important to remember that civic participation is more than voting. Voting is critical, but our voices are equally important in neighborhood, school board, city council, and PTA meetings. Regular participation makes the outcomes better and more reflective of what people actually need.

This effort is a part of our ongoing work to strengthen neighborhood power in Atlanta through our NPU Initiative. You can learn more about that work and also find which Neighborhood Planning Unit you live in at

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