GDOT Answers to NPU Questions

From Stacy Evans, our State Representative:
Below are responses to two questions I posed to GDOT that I know are of interest to your NPU. Please let me know if you or anyone has further questions.
  • What is the timing of installing the left turn lane at RDA/Cascade?
    • This project has stalled somewhat as we've had turnover with our signals team. We are still in the design phase, at which point this will need to go through our signal permitting process, and also be bid out for construction. We're probably looking at approximately 6 months.
  • Cascade between the Beautiful and Langhorn is incredibly bumpy – can improvements be made?
    • The section of road described is approximately 2.3 miles long with only 0.1 miles of that distance being on the State route system. This means the overwhelming majority of the road resurfacing would need to be completed by the City of Atlanta. The (short) State route portion should get resurfaced with the road diet project, that is probably about 2 years out.
I've included a snapshot below of a Google Earth at the Langhorn St intersection. The red line designates the State route and shows how it turns to follow the Ralph David Abernathy road name. Cascade is off system, except for the intersection with RDA.

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