Free Ivy Removal (& Volunteer Recruitment) Oakland City/Bush Mtn

English Ivy may look pretty growing up the side of your house or across your yard, but it can quickly take over a landscape; it is a threat to our tree canopy and to the people and houses living under it. Ivy makes it hard for trees to receive the sunlight they need to grow. If left alone, ivy will eventually kill trees, and increase the likelihood they can fall during a storm.

But, there is good news! No need to cut down an otherwise healthy tree.  Ivy is easily removed by cutting away the ivy from the bottom. Over time, the rest of the growth at the top of the tree dies off, and you have healthy tree once again.

If you live in Oakland City or Bush Mountain, Oakland City Community Organization, in cooperation with West End Watershed Alliance and Community Foodscapes, has created a program to remove ivy from trees at your home for free! Sign up here to have up to three trees cleared of ivy. 

Removing ivy will extend a tree's life span, beautify our neighborhood's natural landscape, and reduce the risk of a fallen tree on your property.

 If you're interested in signing up to volunteer, you can sign up at 

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