Thurs., 3/18 at noon - 1 pm: webinar - Trees Atlanta (Evaluating the proposed TPO)

From Trees Atlanta:

You may have received an agenda item for March or April NPU meetings regarding the new Tree Protection Ordinance (TPO) as a non-voting item. The ordinance itself is scheduled to be voted on by City Council on May 3. Trees Atlanta is hosting a series of lunch time informational sessions (Thursdays) to help you understand the new ordinance that has been submitted to City Council.

The materials recently sent to you from City Planning includes the proposed ordinance language along with a fee assessment study (which is required to be distributed to NPUs for review and comment, but is non-voting).

In short, the assessment is the basis for a fee change included in the TPO ordinance that is currently in review. The cost for recompense for trees removed is being adjusted to $230 per inch from the current fee value of $100 + $30 per inch (DBH: "diameter at breast height" the standard for measuring tree size).

There are many changes in the new ordinance. Many standards included still require more modifications to make it better for the city, residents and business community. A wide variety of stakeholders have an interest in how the TPO changes. Trees Atlanta would like to help people understand the changes and and the amendments that are still needed before a vote occurs.

Understand the TPO - join us in Thursday's webinar. If you are able, please attend our lunch hour webinars happening this Thursday (there will be 4 weekly sessions covering different parts of the ordinance).

Register here and you can attend any or all of the sessions: Evaluating Atlanta's Proposed Tree Protection Ordinance (TPO).

In addition, here is a link to Trees Atlanta's previously published statement on the January draft of the ordinance: Is the New Draft Tree Protection Ordinance Good?

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