WB 1008 - NPS: UrbanPlan for Communities - Application OPEN!

From the Department of Planning:
WB 1008 - NPS: UrbanPlan for Communities is an ideal course for local community members and leaders who would like to learn more about the fundamental forces that shape and affect the built environment and the important leadership roles that elected and appointed officials as well as community members and leaders play in the real estate development process. NPU University in collaboration with Invest Atlanta is pleased to announce that the application is open for WB 1008: Neighborhood Planning Series - UrbanPlan Institute.

This virtual class is free to the public and designed for community leaders to better understand the trade-offs and risk at play in the entitlement and negotiation process associated with land use, especially in public/private partnerships. The UrbanPlan case study is an example of a city-led redevelopment effort where compromise needs to be met between the locality, the development team selected in the RFP, and the community.

March 26, 2021, • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM on Zoom • Limited Seats Available! 
slots are not guaranteed for all applicants

Participants must have a smartphone, iPad or another tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. A wifi connection is strongly encouraged, but not required. If you are not using wifi, please check with your wireless or internet service provider to ensure additional data charges will not apply.

What to Expect at the Workshop:
The virtual workshop is usually held from 9 am – 4 pm, with breaks throughout the day.
The agenda for the workshop is as follows:

  • Teams work on a vision for their response to the RFP.
  • Teams build out their proposal
  • Facilitators visit teams
  • Teams revise their proposal
  • Facilitators visit teams a second time
  • Teams finalize their proposal and present it to the Selection Committee
  • ULI member presents a case study of local project
This video also provides a great overview: https://youtu.be/Qa4RSdHeYUs

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