Policing Alternatives - Help, not Harassment


Have you ever seen someone acting out in public and wished you could get them help instead of having to call the police?

Now there's an alternative - PAD, the Policing Alternatives and Diversion program, that allows you to call 311 to request assistance, not enforcement.

PAD responds to non-emergency quality of life concerns related to mental health, substance use or extreme poverty. This includes:

  •  Disturbances (such as someone yelling outside a business or blocking traffic)
  • Public indecency (such as someone naked or bathing in a public place)
  • Welfare (such as someone asking for food or help)
  • Mental health (such as someone who appears disoriented, erratic, or is talking to themselves)
  • Substance use (such as someone using drugs in public)
  • Basic needs (such as someone in need of shelter and sleeping outside)
  • Public health (such as someone getting food from a dumpster or using the bathroom in a public place)

To make a referral for non-emergency concerns, simply dial 311 (or 404-546-0311 outside the city limits).
PAD only accepts Community Referrals through the 311 phone line, not through the mobile app or 311website.

For more information, go to https://www.atlantapad.org/

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