Help Grow Your NPU!

If you want:
  • accountability from our city officials
  • clean, safe streets
  • well-built, attractive homes and business
  • healthy families and neighborhoods
You can help make it happen by volunteering with the NPU!

Neighborhood Planning Unit S is a local, all-volunteer team of residents connecting our neighborhoods to the City of Atlanta. We're more than just a meeting - we guide zoning requests and special events to neighborhood associations; provide feedback and advice to elected officials; advocate for crime victims at court and citizens at board hearings; provide grants and logistical support to civic organizations; and much more! Heck, we even mow lawns

Most of all, we're your neighbors. We live here, raise our families here, and work with you to make our community a better place to be. Why not join in?

NPU-S currently has four standing committees, and each one can use more folks. In order of upcoming meetings, they are:

The Land Use Committee works on  zoning, code enforcement, development and transportation.  Zoning variances, special use permits, and the like run through the Zoning Committee. Its next meeting is
The Policy Committee works on Citywide and regional policy and the NPU-S's relations with neighboring NPUs and the Atlanta Planning and Advisory Board. They oversee the update of the NPU's bylaws. Its next meeting is
The Quality of Life Committee works on public health and safety, recreation and the arts, and the environment - basically, everything that makes the NPU a nice place to live. If you want to see more neighborhood cleanups or help set up Neighborhood Watches, these are the folks to work with. Its next meeting is
The Assistant Services Committee works on senior services, education, and youth issues. The NPU-S Senior Lawncare Service is run out of this committee. Its next meeting is
It's been a long, difficult year and a long, cold winter - but Spring is coming, and it's time for us to shake off the darkness and reach for towards a brighter day. Come help us grow - together!

EDIT: If you'd like to volunteer but can't make a meeting, contact us or fill out the volunteer form at

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