Taking registrations for 2022: NPU-S Senior Lawncare Service!

We're pleased to announce that NPU-S is accepting applications for the 2022 Senior Lawncare Service!

If you are over 62, or are disabled, and live within the NPU-S communities of Bush Mountain, Cascade, Oakland City and Venetian Hills, we will connect you with local mowers who'll provide basic lawn care for free!

The program has not started yet - we're still waiting for our grant money to arrive from the City - but we're getting our members set up so that the moment we get the funds we'll be ready to go.

For more information, and to register, go to https://www.npu-s.org/p/senior-lawncare-program.html. If you'd be interested in being a lawn mower, you can find out more at https://www.npu-s.org/p/mowers.html.


Anonymous said...

Do we get coupons for September

Chair said...

Not for September, sadly - we ran out of money before our fundraising efforts came through. However, we now have more funds for October and very likely November!