Atlanta Beltline Southwest Study Group Meeting - Subarea 1 and LCI Master Plan Updates, August 28, 6pm, The MET

The Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. and City of Atlanta Planning Department teamed up to coordinate two Master Planning efforts – Atlanta BeltLine Subarea 1 and West End Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Master Plan updates. The Subarea 1 geography includes the West End LCI area and several more neighborhoods – Westview, Adair Park, Oakland City; parts of Mechanicsville, Pittsburgh and Cascade Avenue.

This is an opportunity to report out on findings from several public meetings throughout the spring and summer and help prioritize the draft final recommendations for land use (e.g. mixed use, housing, commercial services), mobility (e.g. trails, sidewalks, bikes, transit), parks and greenspace in BeltLine Subarea 1.

This is the third of four planned public meetings, followed by meetings with the affected NPUs inside the subarea, and ultimately City Council approval.

August 28, 2019 from 6-8pm
The MET (The Metropolitan Studio Lofts)
680 Murphy Ave. SW, Suite 4000
Atlanta, GA 30310 (Building 675)

Event info

More information available on the event flyer, which can be accessed here:

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