Special Election: Vice Chair

So our Vice Chair, Daniel Burroughs, is moving out of the area, leaving the NPU with a vacancy. On Sunday, the Executive Committee appointed Morgan Cooper, our current Secretary, to act in capacity as Vice Chair for the remainder of the term; but in accordance with Article VIII, Section 5 of our bylaws:
Section 5: Whenever any vacancy occurs, the Executive Committee may select a person to fill such vacancy until the next meeting of NPU-S. The person selected by the Executive Committee to fill the vacancy shall be considered a nominee for the position. The vacant position shall be filled by election at the next meeting of NPU-S.
Therefore, at the August meeting, we will take nominations from the floor and hold a snap election for the position of Vice Chair.  This election is only to complete the existing term, which ends  December 2019; in November, the regular NPU-S officer elections will be held for the 2020-21 term. 

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