Fort Mac LRA Board Moves to Secure New Master Developer

Press release from the Fort Mac LRA:

"The Fort McPherson LRA Board of Directors voted unanimously to enter into negotiations to part ways with current master developer, Steven Macauley of Macauley Investments.  The board will continue to negotiate an amicable separation that is mutually beneficial.

City Council Member Joyce Sheperd from District 12 represents residents that live near Fort McPherson. Sheperd says, 'This is a great opportunity for us to move forward as a community.  The decision made today puts us in a great position to finally move to the implementation phase of this project which we have not been able to do in the last year and a half with our current agreement.'  Sheperd also says,  'In terms of all the amazing things happening on the south side of the city, we are in a great position to entertain other developers to help us create the same kind of positive energy that we have seen with the Beltline and the development at Tyler Perry Studios. And our residents will be the big winners when it’s all said and done.'

Board Chairmen Cassius Butts also added,  'Each and every decision that is made is made with the community interest at the forefront, and making sure this community gets everything they deserve is the top priority.' Butts also says,  'It’s important for the community to realize that we are not starting from ground zero but we have a back up plan to help us move forward in an expedited fashion.'

The next board meeting will take place on November 21, 2019 at 1 PM.

Mark Hayes President & CEO
Cell: 678-829-4632

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