Wednesday Planning Session: NPU-S Comprehensive Development Plan

The City of Atlanta's Comprehensive Development Plan is a  state-mandated plan for growth encompassing the next five years. We're currently coming to the end of the last CDP,  finished in 2021.

Normally, an update to the CDP would involve multiple rounds of in-depth, community-driven design sessions with the Department of Planning. However 2020 was not a normal year, and the entire City of Atlanta is still recovering. The Planning Department simply does not have the capacity this year to engage in a full-bore update involving all 25 NPUs. So for this year, they're simply filing an administrative update, as allowed by law, with an eye towards a complete update next year.

However, just because it's a smaller update doesn't mean that we can't be involved! This Wednesday, the 26th, we'll be holding a brief meeting with the Planning Department to go over NPU-S's policies. This is our opportunity to lay down the principles that will guide zoning for the next year - all zoning must conform to the CDP, or else the CDP needs to also be changed. It'll also be an opportunity for us to get a taste of types of planning we'll engage with next year, where we'll get a change to actually redraw maps. Think of it as a planning appetizer.

Come on out!

  • When: Wednesday, May 26, 6pm
  • Video:
  • Meeting ID: 937 5370 8305
  • Dial in: 312-626-6799, access code, 937 5370 8305#

The entire Atlanta 2016 CDP can be found at It's big, but worth looking over if you want to see how the whole vision comes together. 

The part of the CDP that goes over the various NPU policies is at

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